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Arianna reveals her relationship with Mabel, in a full candid interview.

Jody, the mother who lived in the home talks about her experience with The Pantry Ghost.

John, who filmed the Pantry Ghost tells about his horrifying firsthand encounter.

Penny communicates with the spirit, and describes the dark energy she felt in the home.

Stefan, a video expert gives a thorough examination of the original footage.


See all the original pantry ghost videos that started it all.

This real life ghost experience has swept the paranormal community with over 40 million views online and worldwide television coverage including Paranormal Files, Maury Povich and overseas television shows.  A California family experienced strange occurrences in their home and we investigated to get the full story and never before seen footage in this, The Pantry Ghost Documentary.

Truth is scarier than fiction. 

We don’t recommend watching this alone.